Contraception refers to methods that are used to prevent pregnancy. There are many different types, but condoms are the only method that also protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) are the most effective methods of contraception as they don’t rely on you remembering to take them everyday – these methods include, the IUD, IUS, implant and the injection.

Contraception is free so you don’t have to pay anything when you attend a HYP service.

The different methods of contraception

Click on the different types to find out more about each method on the Brook website:

Use Brook’s contraception tool to find out which method is best for you.

If something goes wrong

If you forget to take your regular method of contraception or if the condom has split, then don’t panic. If you act fast and get emergency contraception within 5 days you should be able to prevent pregnancy – watch this video to find out more about the two methods of emergency contraception:

Support from HYP

If you are a young person in Southwark aged 24 and under and need support you can find information about HYP services on the find a service page.

If you are a professional looking to refer a young person in Southwark to HYP please go to our referrals and support for further information.

We also provide free condoms as part of the c-card scheme – find out more by watching the video below: